InstaCoverage is an award-winning professional unit testing tool for LabVIEW developed by IncQuery Labs. InstaCoverage is acknowledged by National Instruments and it is distributed via the NI Tools Network.

In the world of mission-critical and safety-critical systems the efficiency of software testing is key to win market competition. InstaCoverage is a comprehensive tool for supporting scientists and engineers to write better code and to launch their product faster.

InstaCoverage improves the process of SW development with LabVIEW through more performant unit testing, which results in better quality and shorter test cycle. InstaCoverage, with its various integration features, is designed for automated DevOps environments.

Fast Unit Testing

InstaCoverage speeds up the process of unit testing significantly

Code Coverage Measurement

100x speed-up compared to Unit Test Framework

Template Automation

Auto-generated wiring of inputs/outputs in harness

LabVIEW IDE Support

Testing functionalities seamlessly integrated into the LabVIEW development environment

Flexible Test Infrastructure

Testing is based on setup, teardown and harness VIs

API/Jenkins Support

Run tests from LabVIEW code and/or in CI environments such as Jenkins

HTML and XML Reporting

Automatically generated test results

LabVIEW OOP Support

Test objects and methods easily

RT Target Support

Unit tests can be executed on real-time targets such as cRIO



Comparison with Other Tools


Unit Testing Tool Model(1) Price Code Coverage
Scalability(3) Real-time Target(4) API
(CI Support)
Unit Test Framework xUnit-
$1,617 or bundled(2)
VI Tester xUnit-
Caraya Assertion-
InstaCoverage Core xUnit-
  1. Only UTF and InstaCoverage support explicit test configurations (.lvtest and .instacov resp.).
  2. Part of LabVIEW Professional edition.
  3. See our benchmark project for a detailed comparison of the test execution time performance of the various unit testing tools.
  4. UTF and InstaCoverage Pro provide a GUI in real-time mode too while Caraya can only run in headless mode (without GUI). Caraya users need to manually transfer test report files to the host PC.
  5. Please reach out to us via the contact form to learn more about our volume discounts and support services.